Child Study Teams

Child Study Teams

While some students are successful to varying degrees in assimilating and learning key concepts of any subject area, those with disabilities can find it at times next to impossible. It’s incumbent upon any school district (as well as federally mandated) to provide services in order for every student to be successful to the best of […]

Graduation Anxiety

Facing Graduation Anxiety

There’s a somewhat magical, non-medical condition that happens during the senior year of high school, and that’s Senioritis, which means that students start getting antsy about getting out of high school and moving on with their lives. While some students seemingly have at least the next four years of their lives all mapped out for […]

ASD and Depression
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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Depression

Sometimes it’s difficult to properly assess depression in students dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, especially when teachers and administrators may be new to the student and may not be privy to pre-existing behaviors. They may view the student in a negative light.  Without context, it’s impossible to fully understand where the student is coming from. […]

How to Prevent or Reduce College Debt

How to Prevent or Reduce College Debt

Sage Day accompanies children throughout their educational journey, helping them transition for life after graduation providing assistance regarding a college education for those interested in pursuing further studies. For children this age, there are many vital points to consider, including selecting the college that is most appropriate, identifying interests and skills, and exploring interesting alternatives […]

Achievement Gap Stress
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Addressing Achievement Gap Stress

The achievement gap describes how inequality in income, opportunity, and socioeconomic status affects student achievement. “How do students see themselves in the school context? How accepted and valued do they feel by others? What are the students’ academic goals and underlying beliefs about their ability to reach them?” [1] Part of the achievement gap is […]

Transgender Athletes
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Transgender Issues Regarding Participation in School Sports

As we all know, Title IX protects all students of any protected class, including transgender students and students that don’t conform to gender stereotypes, from exclusion in any extracurricular activities – including school sports. Enforcing Title IX requires a complete buy-in from the entire institution from the top down, from Administrators to the student body, […]

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Supporting Students Who Self-Harm

  We all have ways of trying to manage the stressors in our lives. Some are constructive in nature, such as working out, meditation, and talking with qualified professionals, while others can be destructive in nature, including drinking, drug abuse, and self-harm. One of the most disconcerting things we can witness in the classroom includes […]