4 Key Features of Sage Day

Student Well Being

Sage Day provides:

  • A Warm, Accepting COMMUNITY that nurtures
    • Sense of Belonging
    • Freedom of Expression
    • Customized Attention to Learning and Social/Emotional Needs
  • Comprehensive ACADEMICS that provide
    • Appropriate Balance of Challenge and Support
    • Differentiated Learning Matched to Each Learner
    • Tools for Life-long Learning
  • Individual, Group and Family THERAPY that builds
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Emotional Resilience


Community-Focused Culture

Sage Day’s culture fosters:

  • Goals Aligned with Mission
  • Staff Passion for Work
  • Continuous Commitment to
    • Professional Growth
    • Innovation and Reflective Practice
  • Team Collaboration between Sage Certified Clinicians™ and Sage Therapeutic Educators
  • Trust and Collaboration among students, parents and school districts

Customized Therapy & Academics

  • One on one customized therapy (twice a week)
  • Collaborative group therapy (twice a week)
  • Personalized family therapy after school hours (once a week)
  • Opportunities for students to discover and pursue interests and passions
  • Learning Differentiated for Enrichment or Remediation, as needed
  • Personalized Transition Plan for Postsecondary Life


The Sage Graduate will Demonstrate:

  • 21st Century Literacy
    • Possesses a solid foundation of the core literacy skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
    • Practices technological awareness, proficiency and responsibility
    • Thinks critically and creatively in order to analyze and evaluate information and develop understanding
    • Clearly expresses ideas and understanding through traditional and imaginative means
  • Social Emotional Growth
    • Demonstrates commitment to social, emotional, and academic/vocational growth
    • Able to self-advocate, ask for help and prepared to live independently
    • Confident in their abilities and potential
    • Able to recognize strengths and weaknesses
    • Recognizes, understands and respects the diversity and uniqueness of others
    • Adapts and responds to stressful situations positively and constructively
  • Career and College Readiness
    • Ready to realize potential and achieve success
    • Creates and learns from inquiry and experience
    • Globally aware and engaged with community
    • Possesses marketable skills, including adaptability, collaboration & communication
    • Manages time and develops plans to accomplish tasks and goals
    • Understands sound personal finance