Naples Act

The Naples Act ensures that students are placed in an accredited private school that is suitable for their educational needs

Funding for placement at Sage Day is primarily through a provision in New Jersey’s education law called the Naples Act (NJ18A:46-14). This act broadened the options available to parents and districts to better meet the needs of students eligible for special education services;  this allows students to be placed in the most appropriate school for their individual needs.

Placements under the Naples Act have been routinely used throughout New Jersey to fund students’ education since 1989. Such placements are commonplace and done every year by many districts in the State.

Sage Day meets all the requirements for such funding, including accreditation by Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools, and will provide all necessary documentation for placement in Sage Day.

While most placements are made by the student’s district, we do accept students privately following our admissions process.