Steps to Admissions

1. Call us so we can discuss your student and how we can help.

2. Sage Day reviews documents that help us understand the student.

  1. IEP Individualized Education Plans
  2. Child study team evaluations
  3. Other evaluations (psychiatric, psychological etc.)

3. Interview – Parents and student meet with our Clinical Director to allow us to gain a more in-depth understanding of the discouraged student and to further explain our program and how we work with our students and families.

4. Visit Day- After the interview, when the student and Sage Day agree that Sage Day could be a good match, the student spends a day at Sage Day hosted by one of our current students. There is no better way to understand a student or for a student to understand our community than to have the Sage Day experience.  At the end of the day, we consult with student and parent to reach a decision on admission.

5. Joining our community – Once a student is accepted, we determine the earliest possible start date. In the case of school-district placement, the student starts as soon as we receive the district’s approval.