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Promoting Long-Term Development and Success in All Children

On Friday, March 29th, 2019, Sage Day Schools will be holding a workshop at our Mahwah location to address specialized therapeutic interventions for upper elementary and middle school students. Join us to learn about how Sage Day utilizes specialized strategies in an effort to transition interventions both therapeutic and academic from a focus of narrowly […]

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When Home Instruction Is and Isn’t Appropriate

So many parents face a choice when a traditional school is failing their child. When teachers can’t seem to break through when your child makes an effort to apply themselves, parents have to make a decision so their child is not lost in the mix and earning disappointing grades over and over again. This sense […]

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Becoming a Trauma-Informed School Community

Many of our students have undergone traumatic experiences, and having a community of educators, clinicians, and parents who are educated on how to best respond to students’ needs is essential to Sage Day. Becoming a trauma-informed school community empowers our educators and clinicians to help children who have experienced trauma succeed in school and in […]

Supporting Trauma Informed School Communities Through Trauma Systems Therapy
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Workshop: Supporting Trauma Informed School Communities Through Trauma Systems Therapy

On Thursday, January 17th at 10AM, join us for a workshop at Sage Day Rochelle Park on Supporting Trauma Informed School Communities Through Trauma Systems Therapy. This complimentary workshop will train professionals on how to work with children and young adolescents experiencing trauma. The workshop’s presenter, David Strauss, Ph.D., LCSW and a Sage Certified Clinician™ […]


Sage Day Holds Workshop Series To Proactively Address Supporting Students Experiencing Trauma

In response to the mental health crisis, Sage Day Schools is holding a workshop series to advise educators on cultivating Trauma Informed School Communities. The workshops will culminate January 17th at the Sage Day Rochelle Park school. ROCHELLE PARK, N.J. – Sage Day is holding a series of workshops for educators, clinicians, and parents throughout […]

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Looking for the Needs Beneath the Behavior

Emotional outbursts and inappropriate behavior that aims to derail time in the classroom always comes from a deeper place than just “attention seeking” as some teachers may write it off as. Conflicts that arise in these situations usually have little to no connection to the real issues lingering beneath the surface. For the person who […]