August 2012

Mahwah: Middle School

The month of June at Sage Day Middle School is a time of reflection. We can all be extremely proud of the accomplishments that our students have made both academically and personally. June is a time to celebrate!

Our 8th graders will be moving up to high school, students in 5th-7th grade will be looking to step up to the next grade and a variety of recreational activities to reward the hard work that students and staff shared on their journey to success.

Congratulations to the entire Sage Day Middle School for a job well done!

 Boonton: High School

The atmosphere at the Boonton Campus Spring Arts Festival was both engaging and inspiring. The room had a Jackson Pollock feel with a splatter paint stage and tables, illuminated by black lights. The students enjoyed every aspect of putting the festival together start to finish, which was evident in their cooperation and camaraderie. The different artistic genres reflected the unique interests and talents of our students. One of our juniors created an impressive video expressing not only the project but the process and meaning behind their work. Another student showcased her digital photography as a slide show set to music. The seniors created a reality show short film that had the room roaring with laughter.

The night also included several dance and solo performances of songs by: Taylor Swift, Paramore, Adele, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Parents enjoyed seeing digital photography and it capturing the process of a students impressive mehndi (henna) tattoos. Other artistic highlights included several cross curricular projects that included a modern art installation that combined art with creative journaling as well as a science and art mobile sculpture project that expressed the damaging effects of plastic and pollution on the worlds oceans.

The students continue to amaze us with their courage and commitment to their creative works. Each Arts Festival has us truly looking forward to the next.

Rochelle Park: High School

June 1st –  Point Pleasant Beach Trip  

Students and staff really enjoy our end of the year beach trip to Point Pleasant; It’s nice for them to enjoy a day together away from their classrooms.

June 6th –Annual Staff Luncheon.  Our amazing Parent Association members come in and transform our cafeteria into a themed scene. After our students leave on a Wednesday afternoon, the parents make a smorgasbord lunch for the entire staff.  Parents make their favorite dishes and desserts. A few parents address the staff and thank us for all we do for their children throughout the year. Senior parents are often crying when they speak, which touches all of us. There is no better way for them to say “thank you.”

June 13th – Senior Breakfast.

Our Parent Association treats all of our graduates to breakfast at a local diner. The kids feast on waffles and pancakes, while sharing memories at Sage.

June 14 – Picnic Hosted by our Student Council.

The entire school goes to the park and enjoys a day on the grass over 6-ft heroes, watermelon and other treats while engaging in fun activities. Students pass around yearbooks and the seniors say goodbye to the people who have shaped their lives at Sage.

June 15th – Commencement and Last Day of the School Year.  

Sage Day’s graduation is unlike any other you have attended; it is intimate and filled with emotions. The most special time of the ceremony is after the kids receive their diplomas, they get up to speak about what their journey at Sage has meant in their lives. All of our underclassmen attend graduation and it is such a wonderful time for them to hear what the seniors have to say. After our younger students are dismissed, we have a reception for the grads, their famlies and friends. This is so memorable because it is their time to say goodbye to their teachers, their therapists and the administration