Finding The Best Environment for Transgender Students

Transgender students often have a difficult time in school due to bullying, being ostracized, and even unintentional discrimination. Public schools exist to create an inclusive learning environment for all, and finding ways to make educational institutions safe and welcoming for transgender students isn’t just an educational policy priority, it’s simply the right thing to do.

For students who identify as transgender, school can be a nightmare. Eighty percent of transgender students face harassment of some sort in school, while 55% face physical harassment. The bullying hurts deeply; close to half of transgender students have attempted suicide.

Schools can help their transgender students by educating students and faculty alike on what constitutes bullying, that bullying is unacceptable, by establishing clear grievance procedures, and having clear policies regarding bathroom use. Helping to connect students to on and off-campus support groups also can give transgender students the community they need to feel like they belong. With help and support, transgender students can focus on their academics, rather than having to constantly deal with harassment and discrimination as well as the pain of feeling alone.

Finding The Best Learning Environment for Transgender Students

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