Why Social and Emotional Learning is Something That Can Be Brought into the Workplace—and isn’t Just for Students

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is becoming more well-known and utilized by schools everywhere. SEL not only provides support for students struggling, it also teaches valuable skills for social situations and thought processing. Learning this at a young age can be a huge help through those difficult teenage years, but what about as an adult? SEL can not only help students and children, but it can also precipitate positive change in a workplace setting.

Social Skills

SEL teaches valuable social skills and how to approach interpersonal problems. Teamwork in a workplace is very important and SEL often includes lessons in that aspect and hearing others out. Workplaces and businesses require teamwork and talking to other team members to accomplish a task or to delegate. Learning skills to enhance working with others can increase productivity and create an improved work environment.

Emotional Skills

Implementing SEL in workplaces can also lead to an increase in emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is vital in working through conflict, and when employees have tools overcome conflict, the workplace overall is improved by creating a supportive environment. Employees can feel that their work and themselves matter when everyone is on the same page, willing to hear everyone out. SEL is great for bosses as well because of its lessons in leadership and self-confidence.

Job Success

Studies are finding that SEL skills are needed now more than ever in the work field. Research by Harvard University has shown that 85% of success from jobs originates from skills called “soft skills”, and people skills. Soft skills enable employees to interact effectively with others. SEL, being known for teaching interpersonal and teamwork skills, is ideal for increasing job success involving people interacting with one another.

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