Why Strong Emotional and Mental Health is Needed for Achieving a Quality Education

As a result of many years of mental health awareness campaigns, parents, educators and even students themselves acknowledge the importance of this field in the classroom. Issues such as bullying and common mental health conditions are getting the attention they require to facilitate a supportive learning environment. After all, kids spend a majority of their lives in school amongst teachers, staff and peers that make up their sense of community. Facilitating strong emotional and mental health is proven to help students with their academics.

Helps them Listen and Learn

Students enduring emotional turmoil will often find it hard to listen in class. Being attentive in class is key in order for new lessons to stick. Having strong support for both emotional and mental health by teachers, friends and family can lead to more retention of information and more of a desire to learn.

Increase in Creativity and Curiosity

Aspects such as creativity and curiosity are some of the driving forces of learning. If students are having setbacks such as anxiety or depression, then their eagerness to learn may be limited, and in some cases, nonexistent. For a student to excel in education, they must have a passion for learning and trying new things. Having a strong support system from themselves and others mentally and emotionally can give them a much bigger driving force.

Gets Students to Speak More and Collaborate

Students who feel supported and accepted are more likely to participate and express their own ideas in class. Collaboration, with everyone respecting and supporting each other, can be a great opportunity to learn how to work in groups and hear other opinions. Naturally, students are more inclined to speak on topics and contribute when they feel that their ideas and opinions matter. Having that mindset can go a long way to encourage participation in school.

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