Why Would a Therapeutic School Be Right for My Child?

Students working together at therapeutic education school in New Jersey

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, at least one in five school-aged children is affected by a mental health condition with the top two conditions being anxiety and depression. Attending a public school could be difficult for your child if they struggle with social relationships and expressing emotions. If you are considering therapeutic education for your child, it is important to know whether your child will benefit from this type of schooling, which we discuss below.

Properly Trained Staff

When your child is attending a public school, chances are that the teacher of their classroom does not have the proper mental health certifications to know how to meet the needs of that student. While general education teachers typically only have their certificate of eligibility (CE) or standard certificate, teachers at Sage Day are required to also have a TOSD certification. A TOSD certification stands for Teacher of Students with Disabilities, and Sage Day teachers are required to take the necessary courses to obtain this certification. This certification allows teachers at Sage Day to better meet the needs of your child in a way that a teacher in a public school setting may not be able to.

On-Site Counseling Services

Sage Day Schools are accredited private therapeutic schools that offer individual and group family therapy by our Sage Certified Clinicians™.  This type of therapy offered at Sage Day allows the students to have time during their day to meet with their clinician without falling behind on their academics. At Sage Day Schools, positive personal relationships are formed throughout the school between students, teachers, clinicians, and administration to collaboratively help the child succeed.

Everything Public School has to Offer and More

Some parents have the misconception that private therapeutic schools do not offer the same variety of electives and clubs, however, this is not true. Sage Day Schools offer many of the same extracurricular activities that a public school offers and more. One of the major benefits of the extracurricular activities offered at Sage Day is that they are frequently evolving and adapting to the passions and interests of the students. Some examples of the clubs offered at Sage Day Schools include acoustic club, art club, sports club, and strategy games club.

It is important to consider the benefits that therapeutic education can offer your child when deciding to make the switch from a public school setting to therapeutic education. If you are interested in learning more the benefits Sage Day can have for your child, contact us today.