Case Example


Bobby was hospitalized in the fall of his freshman year due to self-injurious behaviors and labile mood. Upon his release from the hospital, immediate assessment determined that he needed the level of intervention of another academy, which addresses the need of students who need psychiatric support in addition to counseling services. After a period of 4 months at that academy he showed great improvement in his emotional state, behavior, school attendance and work. Bobby, his parents and his child study team case manager all agreed that he was not ready to return to the school district even with the counseling supports that were in place. He was transitioned to Sage Day where he completed his freshman year with the plans of returning to district in the fall. As part of the transition, he began to attend some afternoon classes during the 4th marking period and also attend counseling sessions with one of Sage Day’s in-district therapists. By the end of the school year, Bobby felt well connected with the therapist and felt that he would be ready for a full return to his school district in the fall. Thanks to the fact that Bobby’s district had implemented Sage Day’s in-district therapeutic services, he was able to return to the district full time while maintaining individual counseling twice weekly and  weekly family counseling that stepped down over the year. He, his parents, and the school district feel that without the services provided by our in district therapist  he likely would not have been able to return to district. Bobby’s journey involved a 5 step PLRE™ as follows:

–  Hospitalization and Home Instruction

–  Private Academy

–  Sage Day

–  Sage Day with a transition period

–  Return to district with therapeutic services