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Discussing Body Image with Your Child

Being bombarded with images of beauty standards is an unhealthy aspect of modern society. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 40-60 percent of girls ages 6-12 are concerned about becoming “too fat” or gaining weight. This issue is not gender specific however, 25 percent of individuals who suffer from anorexia nervosa are male. Discussing […]

A Person's Mind With ADHD
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ADHD Impacts on School Performance

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects millions of teens and children in the U.S. and can exert a significant negative influence on academic achievement, self-esteem, and socialization. Identifying children with this disorder and intervening to support them help prevent lifelong problems that can result from ADHD. Interventions can include individual therapy, medication, and attendance at therapeutic […]

Teenage Girls Gossiping
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The Post-High School Outcomes

By Christopher Leonard, LCSW, M.Ed. At the end of a school year, we reflect on outcomes. What did our students learn?  What will they take with them? Are they prepared to be successful? We generally hope for mastery of the five paragraph essay, the ability to solve for x, a grasp of the scientific method, an appreciation […]