ASD and Depression
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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Depression

Sometimes it’s difficult to properly assess depression in students dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, especially when teachers and administrators may be new to the student and may not be privy to pre-existing behaviors. They may view the student in a negative light.  Without context, it’s impossible to fully understand where the student is coming from. […]

Achievement Gap Stress
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Addressing Achievement Gap Stress

The achievement gap describes how inequality in income, opportunity, and socioeconomic status affects student achievement. “How do students see themselves in the school context? How accepted and valued do they feel by others? What are the students’ academic goals and underlying beliefs about their ability to reach them?” [1] Part of the achievement gap is […]

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Helping Teens Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety can make common everyday experiences a source of fear and apprehension. During a teen’s formative years, trouble with anxiety can severely hobble his or her ability to participate and learn in a school environment. Normal school routines such as speaking in class, forming relationships, participating in extracurricular activities, and changing classes can seem daunting […]

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Therapeutic Schools Aid in Battle against Teen Depression

Depression and other mental health issues among teens are serious problems that can have dire consequences for young men and women struggling through a vital period of growth and development. Teens battling depression are at greater risk of suicide, drug use, and problems with the law. They are also likely to perform poorly in school […]