Sage Day Boonton NJ Therapeutic High School



Every school year brings opportunities for a new beginning.  September puts us in a state of mind to be open to learning new things, developing better habits, building on our relationships, and making progress toward our personal goals. At Sage Day in Boonton the primary goal of the administration is to ensure that our students feel safe, welcome, and supported because students cannot learn unless they feel comfortable and secure.  Our small cheerful campus in a vibrant community provides unique opportunities for individualized instruction provided by a team of certified teachers and therapists.

Two teachers in every classroom allow us to work on relationship building as we support students in their efforts to learn how to construct meaning and engage in authentic problem solving activities.  Student talents are nurtured through our art and music programs and showcased at our yearly Arts Festival and Boonton’s Dog Days of Summer Exhibition.  Our location just off of Main Street allows our students to participate in Community Based Instruction Internships at local businesses within walking distance. Our students also benefit from the close proximity of a local and county park where they can go for a walk or hike and appreciate historic landmarks and scenic views.

Bi-weekly group and individual therapy provides the students with an opportunity to discuss what is on their minds in a confidential setting working on issues which interfere with social, emotional and academic growth.  Weekly family therapy fosters a connection between the school and the home as well as the therapist and the parents. Small group instruction, group therapy, individual therapy, and regular meetings with students ensure that we make a personal contact with every student every period of every school day.  This personalized approach serves to build a bond upon which relationships are developed, and it is the creation and the nurturing of these relationships that keeps the students coming back to Sage Day Boonton each morning.

Since students can be enrolled in Sage Day at any time during the school year, new beginnings happen all year round.  We look forward to welcoming parents and students to visit our school community and see if it is right for you.  Please feel free to call us and schedule a visit.

Alison Hipscher, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director

Gregory Acocella