New Alliance Academy

New Alliance Academy: Helps students during the Recovery and Healing Process

Few academically excellent options exist for adolescents recovering from severe psychiatric illnesses. In a traditional specialized education model, fragmented continuity between school and medical providers often reduces efficiency, challenges communication between professionals, and presents scheduling conflicts. For students discharged from inpatient treatment, attending a partial hospital, or in the process of developing a safe psychopharmacological regimen, fragmented services add unnecessary stress during a highly vulnerable period.

To create a more cohesive, and successful recovery and healing process, a team of educational and psychiatric experts from Sage Day Schools and Silver and Kaplan, LLC forged a “New Alliance” with all stakeholders and set out on a new mission: “To create a dynamic partnership between parents, students, staff, and school districts, for the provision of a safe, therapeutic, and highly academic environment that addresses the emotional and educational needs of students so that they can achieve success in school and in their community.”



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