Sage Day Rochelle Park NJ Therapeutic High School




As you walk the halls of Sage Day in Rochelle Park, you will notice unusual banners over the doors of some of the classrooms. On the banners are names such as the Breakfast Club, Space Monkeys, Mrs. Jelly’s Train, The Jungle, Mr. Acemyan and the Black Hearts, W.E.L.L (We Enjoy Living Life), the Sagers and D.F.T.B.A (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome). These are the names of our Advisory Groups. Unique to the Rochelle Park Campus, Advisory Groups were founded five years ago for the purpose of creating a sense of belonging and promoting a school-wide community spirit.
When a student enters Sage Day RP, they are assigned to an Advisory Group. Like a homeroom, students begin their day there with teachers and therapists who are also present at the beginning of each day. The Advisory Groups remain together until graduation. On a monthly basis, the Advisory Groups compete against each other in various team-building activities. These activities include physical, artistic and academic challenges, for which the winners win Advisory Points. At the end of the year, the group with the most points wins a coveted symbol (a giant stuffed panda) of their group’s efforts to keep for a year in their Advisory Group room.
The Mission of the Advisory Progam is to:

  • Strengthen our students understanding of self-efficacy.
  • Give students an opportunity to examine their values, roles, and relationships in high school.
  • To become more accepting of others and more respectful of differences.
  • To learn how to make better decisions that affect students personally and academically.
  • Give students a positive channel to express concerns about the school.
  • Provide the opportunity for staff to get to know students who they may not normally have in class and to become familiar with a larger portion of the student body.