School Supply List Princeton


Each student is required to come to school with the following supplies each day. It is the student’s responsibility to keep these supplies organized and ready to use as needed. Teachers will be checking to ensure that students have notebooks, materials and textbooks frequently throughout the year.

Grades 6-8

  • A pocket calculator
  • Ball point or roller ball pens with blue or black ink
  • Sharpened pencils
  • A pocket dictionary
  • Book covers or book soxs. All books need to be covered throughout the year
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Pencil case to fit into notebook
  • 8 1Ž2” X 11” 3 holed lined loose-leaf paper

Grades 9-12

  • Two 3-ring, 1” binders. Lined binder paper
  • A set of dividers for the binders. It is helpful to get the dividers with pockets as it helps with loose papers.
  • Blue or black pens and pencils with erasers
  • Four (4) spiral notebooks (100 pages) – different color covers are helpful
  • Calculator –TexasInstrument Model TI-30
  • Highlighters