May 2012

Boonton: High School

Trebuchets in Science

The freshman class took medieval lessons out of history into the gymnasium as they tested their own trebuchets at the end of the third quarter. In two groups the ninth-grade class designed and built working trebuchets (French designed siege weapons) in Physical Science class collecting what they had learned about simple machine and mechanical advantage with lessons from World History. Meticulously measured and hand-cut from basswood, the students constructed each section of the miniature weapons by hand and bound it with glue and leather straps.


The testing involved firing small rocks at a “castle wall” made of paper. Both groups’ machines worked, though properly firing and aiming turned out to be a challenge. The students laid siege to the paper menace for an entire period taking turns loading the sling and releasing the lever aim, scoring a number of direct hits as well as clearing the wall.

Rochelle Park: High School

The Arts Festivals at Sage Day (winter and spring) are a standing tradition and truly magical!  Our students and staff are working hard to put together another fantastic evening.  A typical show draws about 200 guests including many former students and parents. The theme this Spring is Star Wars.  Our art department has been working very hard on all the props and Darth Vader and his friends will be coming to life in our gym.  The music department and the kids are buzzing all afternoon and will be rehearsing from May 1st until the 18th.  Our staff on the whole is a very talented group and often perform as well – which the students love to see!  The Arts Festivals are the most memorable for our Sage Day students and their families.  Sage kids are transformed and their talents come through, all because they feel safe and accepted…they flourish at Sage Day.  We encourage you to join us on May 18th at 7pm.

Mahwah: Middle School

The start of marking period 4 on April 16 ushered in the beginning of the final chapter of the 2011-2012 school year. What continues to be an excellent year for the students at Sage Day Middle School was shared at the Parent/Teacher Conferences which provided a unique opportunity for staff and parents to dialogue regarding the progress students continue to make at Sage Day.
Students prepared for and completed the NJAsk tests the week of April 23rd.
Plans for the month of May include continued work on Project Based Learning, completion of student writing initiatives across content areas and some change of pace afternoons with the Curriculum Challenge and a Carnival.