December 2012

Mahwah Middle School

Celebration is the theme for December at Sage Day Middle School. Students, teachers and therapists bond together to forge a sense of community that values the growth that each individual has made. A trip to Mennen Arena for ice skating and/or arcade games allows all students and staff to spend a fun day together. December will be a month of transition as Ms. Hipscher moves into  a Clinical Director’s position and Mr. Fink pursues his professional interests outside of Sage Day. The entire community is grateful to Mr. Fink for his service, leadership and commitment to the children and families of the Sage Day Middle School during the past 15 years.

Boonton High School

If you could depict yourself as a tree, how would you look? That was the challenge for Sage Day Boonton’s art students this past month. Students were assigned to draw, paint, or assemble themselves as a tree. Their roots were to reflect the things that give them strength and their good qualities. Their leaves were to reflect the things they wanted to change or work on. The student response was nothing short of amazing. This month Boonton has an ongoing clothing drive through December 14th.

Rochelle Park  High School

It is really hard to believe that we are approaching the end of 2012. December is a very busy month in Rochelle Park. We have many things to look forward to such as our Winter Art & Music Showcase and our traditional Holiday Breakfast, hosted by our very own Student Council. This month our Community Awareness Club goes to Dell Ridge Nursing home in Paramus to perform holiday skits and songs for patients.