March News 2012

Mahwah Middle School hosts program:
When to Let Go: A conversation with a Sage Day Therapist

Parents shared an evening with therapist Linda McGovern on February 28th discussing how best to deal with conflict at home arising from engaging a child with homework and attending to personal hygiene issues. Common challenges with all middle school aged children often have these concerns at the center of the tug of war within families. The skillfully led discussion afforded parents opportunities to hear from the expert as well as engaging in conversation among themselves about the adventures that confront each family. Wendy Schmitz, Associate Teacher and Sage Day Middle School Principal John Immerman served to facilitate the conversation in addition to Mrs. McGovern.

Rochelle Park High School Senior Writes a Letter to Fellow Students

Senior year is finally here at last! This is the final stretch, a whirlwind of emotions is upon us. As we prepare for our departure from Sage, I urge everyone to look back on the good memories and look forward to the positive futures before us. Moving on is a scary thing, and can affect everyone differently. It might have hit some of us walking through the doors on the first day of school this year, or it might not hit some of us until we are standing at the podium receiving our diplomas. No matter how long it takes to sink in, the facts simply won’t change; this is our last year at Sage Day!  Click to read entire letter.

Boonton High School 2012 Winter Arts Festival

The Winter Arts Festival was an enchanting sight to be seen. Being themed with a winter forest with flurries of snow, the festival was poised to take the audience on a winding adventure. A backdrop of stars emanating a warm glow cast the setting for all the diverse art works of the students. From paintings to hand made arrangements, the representations of creativeness were ubiquitous. In a matter of a couple of months the Sage Day students tapped into their inspirations and brought forth imaginative creations.  Click to read more.