November News 2011

Boonton Campus Hosts College Night

For the 3rd consecutive year Sage Day Boonton Campus hosted a college financial aid night on October 20th.  The presentation by Danette Edwards, a consultant with the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) was arranged through the school Guidance Office. Attendees were provided with an overview of the financial aid process. Topics covered included federal and state financial aid programs, grants and scholarships, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the NJ Stars (Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship) program, expected family contributions and state vs. out-of-state tuition costs. A great group of Sage Day parents were present to engage Ms. Edwards and become educated on the financial options available.

For details on financial aid visit the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority website.

The Boonton Staff at Sage Day wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

The Spirit of Thanksgiving Thrives at Rochelle Park

The month of November at Sage Day Rochelle Park is all about our magnificent school-wide celebration of Thanksgiving Dinner. On Tuesday, November 22nd in conjunction with the Student Council, cooking class and numerous staff volunteers, the Sage Day community celebrated a turkey feast for the entire student body and staff of 125+. As one can imagine a culinary extravaganza of this magnitude is an incredible undertaking and involved a tremendous commitment on the part of the staff and students which was enthusiastically taken on with passion and desire. The highlight of this banquet among others was clearly the culinary magic of Mr. Kalnberg and his deep frying skills that set these “birds” apart from the typical roasted turkey we share at our tables at home. All who shared in this meal were amazed at not only the delicious turkey but the side dishes and desserts as well.

But the core of what really takes place on this day is the culmination of a staff that is bound by the spirit that emanates from those at Sage Day. “It’s all about the kids”, Mrs. Burke will say and when asked if she needs any help in the kitchen, Ms. Hannson responds, “we’ve got it covered, thank you.” This pervasive spirit is evident to all who enter our hallowed halls and classrooms as one can easily sense the dedication and conviction of our staff and their unyielding commitment to the students of Sage Day. So, indeed, this provincial holiday celebration is much more than a meal but rather the culmination of commitment, passion, and dedication which has become the Sage Day signature.

On behalf of the entire Sage Day community at Rochelle Park we wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Mahwah’s Fall Festivities

The unusual weather created some challenges as October came to a wintery close with most of our students able to be at Sage Day for the Halloween Party held the afternoon of October 31.  Games and creative activities provided a backdrop for an afternoon of fun despite the falling tree limbs. The weather improved and November began with a new marking period and the Sage Mahwah community welcoming some new students!

The cycle classes in Art, Music, Financial Literacy and Writing Workshop became full marking period courses to provide students with a more in-depth and enriched experience in these courses.

Enhanced training for the staff on harassment, intimidation and bullying served to inform staff on methods of identifying, responding and reducing the incidents of these events.

The Sage Day at Mahwah first meeting of the PTO was held on November 15 with parents and school representatives sharing ideas and looking for future ways of improving outreach to our parent community.

The Sage Day community was treated to an awesome lunch to usher in the Thanksgiving holiday.  Faculty and students in the cooking electives helped prepare and serve a magnificent turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Upcoming December events will feature a field trip to the Mennen Arena for ice skating on December 19.  A talent show and holiday party will take place with vacation beginning at 12:30pm on December 23rd.

Everyone at Sage Day extends to you and your family a happy and healthy holiday and a successful New Year!