October 2011 News

October Wrap Up at Rochelle Park

As we welcomed in the fall season at Sage Day Rochelle Park our students and staff have been immersed in numerous actvities and events:

• Picture day for all students & staff for Yearbook

• Student progress reports sent

• National Lee Denim Day celebrated on 10/7 with a school-wide fundraiser for Cancer research – thanks to Mrs. Danny and all involved for initiating and supporting this event

• On 10/13 a guest speaker from Ramapo College addressed the Juniors & Seniors; On 10/20 several Seniors toured Drew University in Madison, NJ.

• The  week of 10/17 was kicked off with “Character Counts” – staff members implemented various classroom activities focusing on the ideals of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and caring. Thanks to Mr. Selleck for initiating this exceptional program.

• The month was closed out with 1st marking period exams and a Halloween Party!

Looking Back to Forge Ahead at Mahwah!

• Sage Day at Mahwah launched the month of October with the addition of a Smart board in the History classroom to provide students with interactive opportunities to enhance their learning in History. This technology enhancement joins the use of Smart technology currently utilized in the science classroom.

• A group of students consisting of student council officers and at large members of the student body joined Principal Immerman at the first meeting of the Student Dialogue Committee. This committee will meet at least once a marking period to share insight into the state of the school from the student’s point of view.

• Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere underscore the theme of the annual Fall Festival at Sage Day. Pumpkins gathered during the field trip to the corn maze and farm in Chester, NJ will be featured in the festivals events.

• The marking period winding down has students preparing for quarterly exams and selecting elective classes for the 2nd marking period. Marking period 2 will feature expanded cycle classes in Art, Music, Financial Literacy and Writing. The longer timeframe will afford students greater opportunities to develop and refine skills in the cycle courses.

Boonton Visits Storm King Art Center!

The students from Sage Day Boonton enjoyed a memorable day at Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY.  The center is situated on 500 acres of beautiful rolling landscape coupled with striking modern art sculptures. On the one hour ride there the students were not really sure what to expect. “Outdoor museum and sculpture park” sounded less than exciting to some due to the fact they simply could not visualize what they were about to encounter and experience.

The response from the students was very positive. When asked what they enjoyed or appreciated most the overall favorite was enjoying art and nature simultaneously. The overall favorite sculptures were Zhang Huan’s sculpture “Three Legged Buddha” 2007 and Stephen Talasnik’s “Stream: A Folded Drawing” 2009-2010 (wonderful bamboo sculpture you can walk through). Two of the main goals of the trip were to inspire the students to think outside the box in terms of their own art as well as comprehend how simplifying ideas and concepts in art can be more complicated and challenging than it seems.

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