September 2012

Mahwah Middle School

Sage Day Middle School Welcomes All to the 2012-2013 School Year.

The faculty, therapists and administration will greet students on Wednesday, September 5th for what will be the beginning of an exciting and productive new year filled with strong academic development, values and responsibility. In addition to our new students, we will be welcoming new faculty this year.

New faculty members joining the middle school will be:

  • Ms. Collins (Mathematics)
  • Mrs. Picone (Science)
  • Mr. Wilson (Music)
  • Mrs. Bastinck (Paraprofessional)

Boonton High School

As anxious as we may have been for summer to begin, many, if not all of us, find ourselves looking forward to getting back together again. New students, new staff and a wealth of new ideas!

We look forward to re-connecting and continuing to build the strong sense of community that is Sage Day. Welcome to 2012-13!!!


Rochelle Park High School

At Rochelle Park, we are looking forward to seeing our students return on September 5th.

The first day, we typically extend our homeroom. Schedules are distributed to students and teachers review general arrival and homeroom rules. We will have our first Town Meeting. This is held in our gym where the campus meets as a community.  Staff is introduced and policies and procedures are discussed in full. This is a nice way for our students to begin to feel that they are part of the Rochelle Park Community.