Mission + Approach

Personal growth with academic excellence


To provide a safe, small therapeutic and challenging educational community that integrates social, emotional and academic growth through the collaboration of students, families and staff to empower and prepare students with the skills needed to realize their potential and achieve success.


We Believe that

  • education and optimal development require cultivation of personal accountability; the values of respect, individual rights and responsibilities, integrity, honesty; and a healthy balance between independence and interdependence.
  • a collaborative community of students, teachers, therapists, parents and administrators has the power to promote social, emotional and academic growth.
  • success in our rapidly changing society starts with a foundation of empowerment, self-efficacy, flexibility, confidence, and commitment to personal growth.
  • well-implemented instructional practices based on current research can foster high-expectations and adjust to the diverse learning needs of both students and staff.
  • the ability to adapt to and utilize emerging technologies is an important aspect of the learning process.
  • the optimal environment is one in which students challenge themselves and have opportunities to take initiative, to problem-solve, to articulate confidently, clearly and imaginatively, to be creative, and to learn from their inquiry and experience.


What’s Behind the Sage Name?

Success | Achievement  | Growth | Empowerment


Sage students strive to achieve four core goals —

Success, Achievement, Growth and Empowerment.

It’s an acronym students and parents proudly embrace

because of the positive intellectual, social and emotional

outcomes that occur on a daily basis at Sage Day.

Our Approach

Our Team-Approach contributes to the growth and development of our NJ students dealing with emotional struggles

“Here we will do what others say you cannot.”

These are the words that greet students when they enter the door of Sage Day. It’s how prospective students and families know they have found a truly unique school community that understands their issues, challenges and struggles. Our focus is on the whole student and we are strongly committed to intellectual and emotional growth. In our experience, this is what best empowers students to fulfill their potential as lifelong learners and productive members of society.

We are a school that holds ourselves accountable in the same ways that we hold our students accountable. We set standards and expectations and evaluate our progress continually to build upon and improve the learning experience of adolescents. Here are a few examples of some recent policies and initiatives:

  • We adopt best practices in therapeutic education. Our organizational structure ensures that clinical therapists are supervised and mentored by a clinical director, and all of our clinical directors receive equally intensive supportive supervision. Faculty, therapists and appropriate staff members conference and meet regularly on student needs and issues.
  • We work as a team to implement the highest ethical standards and live by these standards.