Profile of Graduates

Girl smiling with green graduation capEmotionally Secure

  • Demonstrates Personal Accountability, Agency, and Adaptability
  • Demonstrates Respect for Self and Others
  • Acts with Integrity
  • Demonstrates Honesty
  • Commits to Emotional Growth of Self and Others

Socially Responsible

  • Develops a Balance Between Independence and Interdependence with Others
  • Takes Initiative
  • Communicates and Collaborates Effectively with Others
  • Is Socially Aware and Responsible
  • Recognizes, Understands and Respects the Diversity and Uniqueness of Others
  • Demonstrates Financial Literacy

Academically Capable

  • Possesses the Life Skills Necessary for Success in a Rapidly Changing Society
  • Possesses Technological Competency
  • Possesses Media Fluency
  • Articulates Confidently, Clearly, and Imaginatively
  • Creates and Learns from their Inquiry and Experience
  • Achieves to their Highest Potential
  • Commits to Academic and/or Vocational Growth