4 thoughts on “ADHD Workshop Recap

  1. Jo Ann Simon says:

    so sorry I missed this presentation. Looks great. Please let me know when you have future presentations on any topic. Thanks, Jo Ann

  2. Jo Ann Simon says:

    There was no information on the slides for Omega 3 supplements and diet. Is there anyway I can find out the recommendations? Thanks, Jo Ann

  3. Maria Ade says:

    I agree that it was an excellent and very worthwhile workshop – one of the best I have attended. Thank you for sharing the power point – is there any chance that I would be able to print a copy for myself for easy reference? this is a read only file and it does not allow me to save it either – i don’t want to lose the information – while I took notes as quickly as I was able – I did not catch everything – and it would be so helpful to print this rather than having to copy it into my notes – thanks again for the great presentation!

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