Boonton 2012 Winter Arts Festival

The 2012 Winter Arts Festival was an enchanting sight to be seen. Being themed with a winter forest sprinkled withSage therapeutic school musicians flurries of snow, the festival was poised to take the audience on a winding adventure. A backdrop of stars emanating a warm glow cast the setting for all the diverse art works of the students. From paintings to hand made arrangements, the representations of creativeness were ubiquitous. In a matter of a couple of months the Sage Day students tapped into their inspirations and brought forth imaginative creations.

For the commencement of the show our 12th grade senior hosts used their wit and humor to charm the crowd. The range of acts was eclectic with performances that included dance, song, poetry, and a drum circle. A philosophy skit was even acted out by the senior class presenting the mind bending insights of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”.

Throughout the night the students maintained a confident demeanor which provided the show with a relaxing sensation matching the environment of trees and lingering branches that decorated the setting. The opportunity the festival offers is advantageous to the students so that they have a moment to shine amidst their peers and families. It stretches the possibilities of what they can potentially explore and hopefully in the end the event is a positive imprint in a vast sea of experiences.

Sage Day Student Singing     Sage Day student performers

The Sage Day faculty would like to give great thanks for the dedication and hard work the students display. Working together as a community allows for achievements that sometimes our minds cannot imagine. With this diligent and creative approach we strive to continue the genuine collaborations among us all.