Faculty Feature: Mr. Tanis

By Student Reporter Danielle G.

Mr. Tanis reaches English and Acting at Sage Day Rochelle Park. He also performs in local theatrical productions and comedy shows in New Jersey and New York.

DG: What did you do before you were a teacher?
MT: Teaching was my first job out of college, but I had also studied acting in college.  I have also acted professionally.

DG: How long have you been teaching?
MT: I have been teaching on and off for 11 years

DG: Have you always wanted to teach the subject that you are teaching?
MT: Yes, I don’t think that there was any question of the subject matters, since that was my major in college. I did teach elementary school for a time where I taught all subjects but I am glad to be teaching English.

DG:  What is your favorite material that you teach?
MT: Plays are enjoyable because the students can read dramatically.

DG: What is your favorite book? Play?
MT: My favorite novel is Catch 22, and my favorite play is a comedy called Art in which I was also lucky enough to act.

DG: Who is your favorite author?
MT: Dickens is one of them and Joseph Heller who wrote Catch 22

DG: Where did you go to college?
MT: Mostly in my dorm room, at Brandeis University

DG: Do you have any hobbies? If so what are they?
MT: Writing is probably my foremost hobby

DG:  At how many schools have you taught?
MT: I have taught at a few different schools.

DG: How does Sage Day differ from the previous schools at which you have taught?
MT: Sage has a community feeling that the others don’t have. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true.

DG: Who is your role model?
MT: My role models were my mother and father; I know that also sounds cliche, but they truly were outstanding human beings.

DG: Where is your favorite place to perform?
MT: At this point I think that a stage in live theater is preferable to stand-up comedy, but both have their virtues.

DG: What is your best joke?
MT: Now that’s Pressure because whatever joke I say better be good! I used to work at an orange juice factory but I got canned.