Spiderman Theme for Arts Festival

Spiderman Theme Swings the Arts Festival Preparation into Action by Nikki M.

The Winter Arts Festival is quickly approaching. At a recent town meeting on November 9th the theme was announced. The Festival’s theme this year will be Spiderman. A Spiderman display can be seen in Mrs. Hirsch’s (formerly Miss Weiss) room. Sage Day spiderman theme for arts festival

The ADAPT Club (Art Design and Production Team) has been working hard to get everything prepared for the Festival. The theme was chosen in September and the team began creating the props in December. According to Mr. Grieco, “ADAPT has met several times already this year to discuss the layout and setup of the festival. Each season, we try to find new ways to decorate the gym and improve the visual presentation for each festival.”

Have you ever wondered how the theme is decided? “Several senior members of ADAPT choose a few popular movies, shows and games, which are then voted on by the design team. The senior and concept directors then decide on how we can bring the theme to life. There are many aspects that help us choose a theme – scale, production time, popularity and difficulty.” Mr. Grieco stated.

“With this year’s Spiderman theme, ADAPT is working on capturing the feel of a classic comic book. It will be our most complex festival layout of the past few years,” says Mr. Grieco.

Music preparation for the Arts Festival has also already begun. Mr. Maggiore said, “The band started preparing at the beginning of the year. Everything is finally falling into place and the songs are sounding as they should.”

The vocal club has also begun preparing for the festival by presenting and deciding on their pieces to sing.

Jeff T., a senior, said he is excited. “The Spiderman theme is a good idea because a lot of people like it.”

Julian B., a junior who will be performing at the festival is really looking forward to it. “I am totally excited for this year. Spiderman in going to be fun, and I really want someone to get bitten by the spider.”

In addition to the performances that can be enjoyed on February 3, Arts Festival gear will be available for sale. Preorders for shirts and lanyards are due by January 6th. For each shirt you buy, you get 3 tickets entered in the raffle and for each lanyard you get 1 ticket entered. The art and music team will also be selling guitar picks at 3 for $2 and guitar pick necklaces for $5. See Mr. Grieco for details.