When Life Gives You Lemons, Play Kickball

by Hanan Shandler

On April 5, Sage Day held its second annual school-wide Kickball game! It was an epic battle between Team Lime and Team Lemon. Both teams put forth great effort, but Team Lemon won in the end.

I successfully organized our first annual Kickball game last year with the help of Student Council. I wanted to start another Sage Day tradition. The great thing about the Kickball game is that many students are eager to participate. Kickball is a simple, easy sport, and this makes it accessible to a larger part of the student body. We already have the annual basketball game, football game, softball game, and dodge ball game, but I wanted something that everyone could play and something that would benefit more than just Sage Day. To do this, I organized a fundraiser.

The kickball game is not only a great, fun event for students and teachers, but it also builds a sense of community as we raise money for a great cause. For the past two years, Student council has sold delicious, refreshing lemonade to rehydrate the players and spectators. The proceeds go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation for childhood cancer research. Both this year’s game and last year’s game were huge successes. We raised a substantial amount of money and everyone had a great time! This year we raised $70. Thank you for everyone who participated and bought lemonade