Success Stories

Stephen Fischer

I’m going to miss this place. Sage is a home away from home and I became myself again. After being homeschooled for two years and assimilating back into a traditional school setting, I’ve never been happier.

I can tell you one thing–coming here was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve met some great people here and some that I will continue to be friends with for a long time. The teachers here aren’t just teachers, let me tell you–especially you, Mr. Fletcher. I won’t forget anyone for that matter, sorry everybody!

The memories I have will serve as a reminder that I will never forget what this school did for me and how happy I was and still am.

One day I’ll look back and say “Sage Day? There’s no place like home.”

Joe’s Story

Joe was referred to Sage Day due to frequent angry outbursts at school toward teachers and other students.  His outbursts made him a pariah to teachers and administrators.  He quickly became the target of other students who took pleasure in pushing his buttons.   The initial descriptions of Joe by his case manager made it sound like he may need a program designed for students with behavior problems.  It became clear that the causes of Joe’s outbursts were more complicated and deserved further exploration.  Click here to read full story.

Bobby’s Story

Bobby was referred to Sage Day following 3 years of sporadic school attendance with one year having no attendance at all. In his early years Bobby was an academically gifted student, excelling in Math.  Things seemed all good though sixth grade.  Seventh grade started as normal but the nervous stomach that would sporadically keep him home in elementary school became more frequent.   Absences began to mount and the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months. Before long the idea of leaving home was paralyzing.  His parents, who were dealing with their own troubled relationship, tried to coax him to school, but the efforts were inconsistent as marital problems preoccupied the family. Bobby was basically left alone to deal with his problems. Click here to read full story.