Parent Perspectives: Why Choose Sage Day

When parents share their Sage Day stories with us, it’s not only rewarding and exciting to everyone at the schools, but they are proof that the quality of the curriculum and therapeutic support is a model that works. The stories we’ve heard over the years are moving, as many of our students come to us feeling as though emotional struggles would prohibit them from reaching their potential for the rest of their lives. At Sage Day, we give our students the tools to take control and the motivation to improve.

On our Facebook page, one parent said, “The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I really recommend the school,” and another said Sage Day “is a life changing experience. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful”. Listening to the experiences that parents have had with their child being enrolled at a Sage Day school inspires us to reach every student we can.

Kathy’s Story

Kathy Carliner, a parent of a Sage Day student, opened up about her family’s experience with Sage Day. She noticed that at Sage Day, her child could be who they want, without any pretending. Her child, who previously struggled with social skills and making friends, had no problem making friends at Sage Day. Kathy now thinks of Sage Day as a very special place because of all it has done for her child. Listen to Kathy’s story:


Christa’s Story

Christa Hughes’ teen was only a sophomore at Sage Day when she was asked by another parent to come to the graduation ceremony. Confused why she would want to attend a graduation where she didn’t know any of the graduating students, she listened to the advice and went. Now, graduation is an event that she recommends to prospective parents because of how moving the ceremony is. The gratitude that the students have towards their parents, staff and therapists by the end of their time at Sage is something you have to hear for yourself. Listen to Christa’s story:

After two decades of being a therapeutic educational institution, we’re proud to have been able to work with so many terrific students and their families. We appreciate them sharing their stories and will look forward to helping more families in New Jersey and beyond. If you would like to learn more about our vision, read our approach to therapeutic education.