Prioritizing Self-Care As Educators

Balancing our personal health and our work is important, but also especially difficult in situations like the current pandemic. Fortunately, there are ways to strike a balance between meeting our needs with those of our students. If you’re feeling spread too thin, consider the below adjustments you can make. Sleep And Exercise Many studies agree […]


“Coronasomnia” Explained by Sleep Experts

When the pandemic-related shutdowns began, none of us knew the impact that COVID-19 would have on our world in months that followed. The pandemic has brought many ancillary consequences like shuttered businesses, increased unemployment, and increased rates of anxiety for many people. Though not a symptom of the disease, rather an indirect result of it, […]


The Stress of Online Learning for Parents

While 2020 certainly had no shortage of challenges, online learning was certainly a big one. Though some students flourish with an online format- and many schools have offered options like this for years- the abrupt change in routine alone was enough to make some students struggle. Beyond that, parents in many cases suddenly had to […]


How to Help Your Child Keep Track of Deadlines And Requirements

When parents take an active role in their child’s academic education, their children become more successful in school. Now more than ever, parents are taking on much of the homeschooling responsibilities as classrooms across the country have gone virtual. Research has indicated that parental engagement leads to higher grades and test scores, increased graduation rates, […]

mother comforting daughter during coronavirus-related anxiety attack
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How to Calm Your and Your Child’s Anxiety During These Uncertain Times

Anxiety levels are high for children and adults during this time of COVID-19. Those who may not have experienced heightened levels of anxiety before are now afraid to leave their homes, go to grocery stores, and do many other daily tasks that were once considered normal and safe. During this time of uncertainty, it’s important […]