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Self-Injury & Cutting: It’s Time to Get Help

Cutting, also known as self-Injury or self-mutilation have quickly become an unfortunate, dangerous trend among young people in America. In fact, a 2012 study found that 8 percent of children and teens who participated in the study self-injured. With celebrities and social media influencers talking about it (and sometimes even glorifying it), cutting has grown […]

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School Avoidance

by Zack Schwartz, MSW, LCSW School avoidance in children and adolescents is a growing issue that impacts not only the student but the entire family, school personnel and mental health professionals working with the student. Although school avoidance may appear to be a very simple or concrete issue to resolve, it is often misunderstood and […]

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The Importance of Early Intervention

By John Reilly, MSW, LCSW Academic and social struggles in school are often the first signs of a potentially serious underlying problem for a child. Clinicians and educators are aware that certain problems are rarely just “outgrown.”   The school years are an important intellectual, social and emotional foundation for life.   When there are obstacles to […]