Therapeutic Education

One-size-fits-all education isn’t for everyone. Especially if you are a bright, capable student who wants a different learning environment.

SAGE Day Schools get students to a better place. It’s where middle school and high school students who previously struggled in school suddenly thrive. That’s because our personalized learning environment addresses the needs and issues of the individual: intellectual, social and emotional. We stand alone in providing a therapeutic and challenging educational community that empowers and prepares students to realize their potential and achieve success far beyond SAGE Day.

And we hold ourselves accountable. It’s why so many SAGE graduates, who go on to be successful in college and in life, say, “I’m where I am today because of SAGE.”

Student therapy is fully integrated into the school day. This is what makes SAGE Day so unique and its students so successful. Five days a week we give each student the opportunity to talk it out:

    • twice in individual therapy;
    • twice in group therapy; and
    • once per week in a family session

Family counseling is an essential part of the SAGE Day education; this also sets us apart from other special needs schools and special needs high schools. We encourage and expect each family to participate in therapy. Our children’s therapists are highly skilled professionals who are sensitive to the needs of frustrated adolescents and their families. To stay attuned to student needs, our therapists also communicate daily with our teachers.