How Sage Thrive Therapeutic Services Can Help Your School

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Sage Day has 20 years of dedicated experience in operating private therapeutic schools in NJ for young adolescents. Sage Thrive takes that same therapeutic model as practiced in our four schools and bring them on-site to your public or charter school. On average, one Sage Certified Clinician™ will work with 12-15 students and of the students who receive counseling, 98 percent of those students have been able to remain in-district.

Student Benefits

For students who experience anxiety, school avoidance, panic attacks and other emotional issues, receiving early intervention is important. Sage Thrive has developed a comprehensive counseling program that will provide the most support to students in the lead restrictive environment. Sage Thrive provides individual, group and family counseling. Other services include suicide risk assessment screenings, drop-in crisis counseling, training’s for staff, home visits, reporting and more. Being a Sage Thrive partner gives both the students and school district the security of having a Sage Clinician available immediately in times of crisis.

School District Benefits

Partnering with Sage Thrive will significantly reduce the number of out-of-district placements and it will also allow for students to return to school. On average, schools save $500,000 a year once implementing our services. Most importantly, students are able to be successful in school and thrive. Along with our trained and experienced staff, Sage Thrive will provide your school districts’ staff with in-service presentations to best prepare them for situations and provide in-depth learning and understanding of dealing with children who suffer from mental illness.

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